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Related Instruments
Color Q
Leading provider of interactive corporate and public workshops, provides comprehensive resource for using personality type and profiles and the keirsey temperament model, helps people improve leadership, create high performing teams, improve customer service, find the right career, communicate more effectively, understand women's leadership styles and improve all their relationships. publications of shoya zichy

Benziger (BTSA)
Benziger (BTSA)

Belbin team roles online testing and feedback, accreditation training and team role games, based on dr r meredith belbin's work on belbin team roles.

Alert management consultants can be of service to you by providing various instruments in the field of human resources management.

Hermann Brain Dom. Instrument
Hermann Brain Dom. Instrument


Strong Interest Inventory®
The strong interest inventory ® assessments provides time-tested and research-validated insights to help your clients in their search for rich, fulfilling careers.

Singer Loomis (SL-TDI)
Unique benefits of the sl-tdi.

Personality Dimensions®
Career/lifeskills resources inc. : - career building classroom resources workshop & group facilitation team building & personal growth personality dimensions® type & temperament copsystem training programs and workshops canadian resources on-line testing & sample reports dvd/video/computer resources career assessments assessment overview conflict management personality dimensions, ecommerce, shop, online shopping

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict (TKI)
The tki assessment is the premier conflict management tool for understanding and resolving conflict, published by cpp, inc.

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